Everything began with a single pursuit! When rowing in Anatolia’s endless ocean of flavours, we discovered that this ocean was limitless, Anatolia was overflowing with riches! This search and wish to discover was increasing by the minute and knew no bounds, so; while we were considering what more we could do, what else we could offer, we said to ourselves why not have a unique concept.

As our very original flavours cannot fit into books, kitchens or on tables; as our conversations are endless and our love only increases, tonight all are invited to the assembly of friends at Kiva Bomonti. Made by our chef Deniz Sahin herself, the assorted mezzes bring to mind the most special and oldest of taverns and create enchanting tables which are the key to sparkling conversation. Kiva Bomonti, with its tavern concept provided in its winter garden, is the new go-to place in the evenings for those who miss the spirit of old Istanbul!  An established address, especially for a “Women’s Night,” Kiva Bomonti invites to the table everyone who wishes to enjoy an elite, memorable and special evening.

Come on then; raise your glasses; to aspirations, dreams, friendship and love...



Celery with Olive Oil

The bringing together of celery with oranges, apricots and extra-virgin olive oil. The flavour of celery meets oranges, apricots and olive oil

Pinto Beans with Olive Oil

It is a  classic Armenian dish,  where both fresh and dried beans are cooked only with extra-virgin olive oil over a low heat for about four hours. The Pinto bean, essential to the raki tables at  Kiva; is an herbaceous plant of the legume family. It can be separated from the standard green beans with its pink and white outer shell and mostly white inner grain.

Creamed Lentils

Creamed lentils can actually be considered a type of mashed broad bean. This appetizer, enriched with various spices and served without fail beside crispy fried onions, is a taste of the Antalya region.

Circassian Chicken

This Circassian flavour was presented to the Anatolian cuisine by  the ethnic people of  Circassia and Georgia. Flavoured with Chicken meat, walnuts, melba toast and  spices, this original  mezze is freshly made and served daily at Kiva.

Lentil Spread

Lentil spread can actually be considered a variation of fava bean puree. Enriched with various spices and always served with crispy fried onions, this mezze is one of the flavours of the Antalya region.

Brain & Throat Neck Meat with Brains

It is one of the least known Armenian  mezzes A quite old dish with a deep-rooted history, it is an exquisite mezze that goes very well with raki,made from lamb brains,  and neck meat, and seasoned with salt and pepper. It is served at very few places in Istanbul, perhaps even only at Kiva.


It is made and consumed as a traditional flavour in Arab countries, Israel, Turkey Armenia and Greece. Initially served at breakfast in the Hatay region, it eventually started to take its place at the dinner tables over time. . It is traditionally consumed alongside pita bread, tomatoes and pickles. It is a made by adding lemon juice, garlic, salt, cumin, red pepper and olive oil to chickpeas and tahini.  In accordance with tradition, it is served with okra pickles, tomatoes and hot flatbread at Kiva.

Fish Roe

Is an appetiser made from processed fish eggs which has a fish flavour and is much more flavoursome than fish. It is a source of omega3. It is extra special in comparison to some other raki accompaniments and has a flavour that requires skill to create. This taste, created with the adding of lemon and olive oil, has now become a legend at Kiva. With its pink colour and exploding of eggs in your mouth, it is one of the classics of Armenian cuisine.


Pehli, a taste of old Anatolia, is a ceremonial dish prepared in various ways in the cities of Tokat, Kayseri and Sivas. Generally, the rice made with the water from Pehli is an accompaniment to the dish. The secret to its amazing taste lies in the chosen lamb meat and Ayran as well as the meat cooking in its own stock, which is one of the most important taste factors.


Bomonti Kiva

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